Zoe and Jamie

“Jo, the photos are just amazing. We both love each and every one and it all came flooding back - so many natural moments captured.”

“You can tell that everyone could just relax around you and be themselves which is exactly what we wanted”

Bride and groom on their Wedding Day at Casa Felix Sitges Barcelona by Jo Kemp Photography
A bride and groom on their Wedding day at Torre de Vergeur, Barcelona by Jo Kemp Photography

Jennifer and Pete

“Jo was so wonderful to work with I cannot say enough good things about her. She’s an excellent photographer with a keen eye for taking perfect pictures. She added a positive energy to both our pre wedding experience as well as the wedding itself. She is a top notch professional and even helped us plan out elements of the wedding to ensure we had the perfect day with perfect photos.” 


Bridie and James

“Oh my god, the photos are absolutely amazing. Wow! We can’t believe how beautiful they look.”

“We love the blurry blown out stuff, the colours, the lines, everything. We are now so excited for our wedding next year!”

A couple shoot on the beach in Sitges, Barcelona by Jo Kemp Photography
A bride and groom on their wedding day in Clos La Plana, Sant Pere de Ribes, Sitges, Barcelona by Jo Kemp Photography

Marlies and Edward

“Jo was simply amazing from start to finish. She captured our wedding day perfectly. We are in love with the photos.”

“Jo makes you feel at ease throughout and even helped us with advise on making our day run smoothly.” 


Laura and Aiden

“Jo is an absolute legend, I honestly couldn't recommend her enough! She has a magnificent way with people that puts them at ease, so those stunning natural are captured full of smiles and laughter!”

“Jo captured all the fun on the day and made everyone at ease which is an even harder job! We’ve had 4 family weddings in the last few years with all my older sisters and none of their photographers compared!!”

“I'm so happy she was involved in my wedding, she is a lovely person to have with you for the day!”

A bride and groom on their wedding day at Castille de Tamarit, Tarragona, Barcelona by Jo Kemp Photography
A bride and groom on their wedding day with a bouquet of flowers at Club House 27, Sitges, Vilanova, Barcelona by Jo Kemp Photography

Sole and Alex

“Su trabajo es excelente, sabe captar cada momento, y está siempre en el lugar exacto. Es impresionante, ya pasaron casi 3 meses de la boda y no hay un día en que no mire las fotos en mi mobil Son justo lo que soñamos!!!! Un recuerdo precioso para toda la vida!!!!!”


Hannah and Enda

“Jo is an amazing photographer and person to boot. Myself and now wife, Hannah organised our wedding in Sitges from Australia. Jo seemed like what we were after, judging by photos we had seen online. But, when we did eventually meet, we got so much more than what we bargained for. She made us feel comfortable and really captured photos nobody else could. Her eye for the right moments were second to none. I can’t compliment you enough Jo or recommend you enough! Literally faultless and a joy to work with. Thanks so much , Enda + Hannah x”

A bride and groom in front of a sunset by a swimming pool at Casa Felix, Sitges, Barcelona by Jo Kemp Photography
A bride and groom dancing on the night of their wedding at Cal Mingo, Barcelona by Jo Kemp Photography

Cat and David

“Thank you so much for being amazing throughout the wedding we have no doubt the pictures will be amazing. You were a delight to have around”

“Thank you so much Jo we’re absolutely in love with our photos you captured the energy and intimacy perfectly - it made us quite emotional going through them all”

Amanda and Keiran

“You captured exactly what we wanted - natural, unposed, real moments across the board.”

“You know that Kieran wasn't exactly looking forward to being in front of a camera but it's clear to see how comfortable you made him, and everyone else on the day too! So many people have told us how much they were in awe of you - a total photo ninja who never stopped going and yet it felt like you were totally part of the furniture!”

A bride and groom dancing on the night of their wedding at Almiral de la Font, Sant Pere de Ribes, Sitges, Barcelona by Jo Kemp Photography
A bride and groom on the beach in Platja de Castelldefells on their wedding day at Almiral de la Font, Sant Pere de Ribes, Sitges, Barcelona by Jo Kemp Photography

Sarah and Mo

“Described to us as the ‘ninja’ of photo taking for her almost invisible presence but accurate shooting, Jo exceeded our expectations”

“Fitting in as if she were a part of the family”


Grace and Rob

“You are an expert in your field and even though you do this all of the time you made us feel so special, as if we were the only couple who mattered.”

“You are basically a wedding planner, maybe not by title but you made the day what it was. You were our best decision out of the whole day and our family and friends all said the same.” 

A bride and groom holding hands on their wedding day at Joansaidi by Calblay in SItges Barcelona by Jo Kemp Photography
Bride and groom on their wedding day at Casa Felix, Sitges Barcelona photographed by Jo Kemp Photography

Hanna and Keith

“What can I say about Jo other than she is the only lady for the job”

“Jo certainly had her work cut out for her as she was faced with a rowdy Irish contingent whose levels of compliance were virtually nil. The result however fabulous, we are thrilled with the outcome with portraits of the entire bridal party weaving into the beautiful story she has weaved of our day. Jo you’re a superstar, we cannot thank you enough. Our love Keith and Hannah xx”


Kate and Dan

“Jo photographed our wedding a few weeks ago and I can't say enough good things!! She was vivacious, sweet, and just plain awesome to have there on our big day. She blended in with the guests and did not feel intrusive with her camera at all- not a small feat when there are only 35 guests! Jo is professional, super talented and lovely all around. We've received our sneak peaks and they're amazing- creative and artsy but also beautiful and true to the day. I feel so lucky that she was referred to us and can't thank her enough- Jo, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!”

Romantic photo of bride and groom on their wedding day at Cal Mingo Sitges Barcelona by Jo Kemp Photography
Bride and groom together on their wedding day at Can Perez Sitges Barcelona photographed by Jo Kemp Photography

Orla and Chris

“So you’ve decided to get married. Let me guess, you have an incredibly long and time consuming list of tasks that requires input from both sets of parents, your best friends, Bob at the post office, and well why not, even paper boys have opinions. It’s a challenge even the United Nations isn’t equipped to deal with. Well, allow me to convince you that your photographer is one less agonising decision to contend with. Jo is a walking legend. You sit down for the first time to chat about specifics on the day and before you know it you’re inviting her on holiday and wishing you lived in the same country. She must be incredibly fit because on the day she is EVERYWHERE. Kind of like Wonder Woman meets Spiderman…with a camera. If you enjoy good banter, upmost professionalism and unrestrained creativity then stop reading this, open a message window and get in touch with Jo immediately. You will love her.”


Lucy and Mark

“Jo stood out from other photographers we considered with her easy to digest packages and clear pricing structures. Too many photographers wanted to chat before committing to a price, which when planning a wedding from across the world (we live in the US) we didn't have time for. We appreciated her straightforward approach, and having used her we can vouch she is very competitively priced.”

“Her photos speak for themselves, she's a great talent, but her service is also exceptional. She Skyped us multiple times prior to the wedding to ensure she understood our vision. The day before the wedding Jo visited the villa to check the venue and meet us face to face. She is so much fun, has such energy and positivity it's impossible not to get excited and smile when around her.”

“It felt like she was just one of the girls with me and my bridesmaids getting ready and having fun. It can be quite intimate/revealing getting into that wedding dress.... so I was pleased we had a female photographer in the room, something I hadn't given any prior thought whatsoever!”

A bride and groom outside on their wedding day at Villa Catalina, Sant Pere de Ribes, Sitges, Barcelona with a bouquet of flowers photographed by Jo Kemp Photography
A bride and groom kissing on their wedding day at Mas Santo Cunit Sitges Barcelona photographed by Jo Kemp Photography

Tess and Colin

“Jo has a unique gift. She is able to capture in photographs the magic that is felt when friends and family come together to celebrate love. We began with a couples photo session the day before the wedding (highly recommended), and connected with her instantly. Her creative energy, calming nature, patience, and persistence are second to none, and when we reflect on our wedding day we agree that Jo's presence was a true gift. Not only did she capture the most candid and pure moments of our special day, she also positioned herself to be a helping hand throughout the evening - fixing my hair if it fell out of place, checking in on us with hugs and smiles, and reminding us to step away to enjoy quiet moments as bride and groom. She is an outstandingly talented photographer who emotionally invests herself in her craft. Jo is a true artist who we are lucky to consider a special friend.”





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