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You love the simple things in life, sunshine, family, treasured friendships and good vino and you have a bit of a thing for traveling. 


About You

The chances are that you have chosen Espana as your wedding destination for at least one of these reasons. You are about to marry the love of your life and you fancy doing it a little bit different. . Together you march to your own beat and you are hoping to find a laid back but fun wedding photographer. You love candid photography, natural, funny, soulful, exhilarating fly on the wall pics and while you quiet fancy escaping for some photos of just the two of you, pictures of your family and friends having a ball are a must.







“Watch carefully the magic
that occurs when you give
a person just enough comfort
to be themselves”




About Me

I love people, I really do, I never fail to be inspired by the people I meet at weddings (I love a little natter with the guests and yes I have been known to have a boogie at the end of the night with grandma) Soulful, spirited, often hilarious, sometimes profound and emotional moments are all what make me tick. These are the moments that result in images that make you feel something, images that make you belly laugh or maybe shed a tear. Images that when threaded together enable me to gift you with a narrative, a creative visual documentation as unique and original as is your love.