Fave Wedding Images of 2018

Oh my goodness it is such a task to select just a few images from such a belter of a season. Twenty four couples entrusted me to document there stories on what were some seriously brilliant weddings. I decided I would select images that really made me feel something and that prompted me to remember the moment and the story around the moment.

This season I managed for the first time to calm my fierce inner critic a bit, and actually capture not only for my lovely couples what I felt was a true portrayal of the day but also images that I enjoy and have an element of what I love, find curious, funny and moving about the world and the peaple in it. I have received incredible feedback which has touched and warmed my heart and affirms again that these images are important to many and will be more so in years to come.

I laughed I cried I re - fell in love with all the cute wedding kids while selecting and was reminded again and again of why I do what I do and how very blessed I am to spend so many days in a year that are bursting with life. Days that never fail to show the full spectrum of emotions that we contain within us and the heart of what we are Love!

Its all wrapped up in a little slide show, so give yourself Three and a half minutes to feast your eyes, 2018 couples you will spot yourselves and your loved ones and the biggest thankyou for your part in making 2018 pretty amazing.

To all the amazing vendors Thankyou Thankyou - we are family!