Marthe and Mathias-Heretat Sabartes-Wedding

"But these are days
We dream about
When the sunlight paints us gold"

So as is pretty usual for me I am writing this Blog one year after the wedding. There’s nothing like an anniversary for getting me into blog mode! It ‘s a nice way to wish a fab couple happy anniversary I feel and I do enjoy re calling all the best moments of a very memorable day. This wedding in particular was one of those where I felt incredibly honored to be the photographer , I absolutely love these two humans. They had a hell of a year up to there wedding day with Mathias dealing with sudden and serious health issues and yet never have I met a more positive and life loving couple that met every challenge with such spirit and faith.
Theses guys celebrated there love in one hell of a wedding. The bridal prep and groom prep was at Hotel Mim. Very handy for a swim when the groom decides he and best man should go for a quick dip in the sea pre - getting the suits on. Marthe the Bride was the kind of effortless relaxed natural beauty that made the getting ready shots pure heaven to shoot, and the dress, check out her dress!!!

The ceremony, dining and party were all at the ever so gorgeous and super romantic Heratat Sabartes. Now I want to dedicate a line or two to big up the team at this venue. So friendly,obliging and insanely professional, providing everything from planning to food, d.js and beyond and they throw in a fire work display too .It was my first wedding here and I was seriously impressed by the quality of service this team give.

Highlights !!! lots!! lots!! lots of highlights..

Mathias overcome with emotion on numerous occasions in the ceremony, we all went through a few tissues. The pouring rain which resulted in everyone moving inside and getting down to some serious dancing to the live band at just 5p.m in the afternoon.Norweginas know how to party come rain or shine! A couple shoot in the rain ( honestly we don’t need sunshine for magic) a crazy high energy entrance to dinner. The boys tossing Marthe so high in the air she went vertical! The two mum’s giving a seriously original and brilliant speech. ( Mum’s of grooms with dread locks and flower headdresses are very cool ) Mathias impromptu strip just after main course. Then the giant lemon meringue cake and the crazy delicious dessert table( Mathias is a chef so the deliciousness and imaginative wedding grub level was high!! ) After that came the fireworks and the the wildest of party’s. The kind of party where the boys do somersaults on the dance floor and take there clothes of and the bride dances in her slippers until the morning and yes we ( me and laura - video) not only survived but truly loved this wedding.

Venue/ Catering/ Planning: Heretat Sabartes

Dress: Norwegian designer: Leila Hafzi (

Flowers: leila Hafzi

Grooms Attire:Norwegian Suit Shop:

ViDEOGRAPHER: lAURA @ ( check out the beautiful video laura captured of these two! very special!)