A day in the life of - Family Guillem

Let them be little

 Let them be Wild

I first met Ester  scouting a venue for a fashion brand that I was shooting. Ester is the super mama behind Lola and Leon an  innovative family and kids club  that  offers a variety of creative kids classes, summer camps and so on. It was the perfect venue for us and we ended up using her gorgeous kids and having a great time on the shoot.  I was totally inspired by what she had created, her ethos and even more so by her beautiful way with her kids.  I was super happy when she asked me if i could shoot a little day in the life of shoot for the whole family.

 And at the end of the day

 your feet should be dirty

 your hair messy and your eyes sparkling

Its a beautiful thing to watch little ones in nature full of wonder and curiosity, I felt privileged to have a little window into the big heart of this little family and record these fleeting moments for them.  We visited a tree, that they all love, walking together, climbing and playing, dust between toes, sticky leaves on t/ shirts, running through freshly cut fields of long grass and home for supper and playing out in p'js.
A normal day where everything is special!
I hope I captured each little ones personality (they are so different!) and the laughter, kindness and love they share between them.

If you happen to have children in Sitges then check out Lola and Leon family club